The Proposal
Hex Gorilla Roadmap
We anticipate that the use of blockchain technology and web3 will grow in tandem with increased awareness and the speed of innovative technology. There are very few places in our environment that do not do one of three things: make lovely pictures; allow you to entrust your money to a trustless system in exchange for dividends; or tokenize. Some platforms have all three of these principles, but we believe there will be many more in the future.
You're viewing the early phases of a project with a scale and ambition that we've been told is too massive for us. That is what differentiates us. We make amazing visuals. Cool designs that aren't your typical generative project that is just coat-tailing after the one before it, which looked a lot like the one after it. What we envision starts with data, but depends on our changing landscape allowing us to keep up with it's ever changing dynamics. That is where we are today. Pulling together a community that shifted overnight under our feet.
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