Hex Forever
Hex Gorilla: A Case Study in Color
The vision I had years ago about being a part of something bigger doesn't make me special. Each and everyone of you reading this deep into the project has felt the exact same way, and it makes sense. It's part of the human condition to feel you were destined for greatness. That you don't deserve to be poor, or your job doesn't appreciate you. Everyone in the world has those feelings nagging at their soul. The difference between them and you is you have me. And I have you. This seems very personal for a project about NFTs, staking, crypto and code, but in reality it is personal. This project will only work if we do it together. This isn't an attempt to sell you something, or make you invest money or gold. This is a solicitation for one thing, and that's your commitment. Let's do great things together, and get that yacht you always wanted.🦍
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