Our Vision
Our Roadmap


Our Alpha Collection has is currently minting on Talis Protocol and Hopers NFT marketplace.
Hopers.io & Talis Protocol July 30th

Our Ambition

The Hex Gorilla Universe, a collection of multi-chain, collaborative art, and NFT collections, focuses on the use and appreciation of a wide range of colors that better our lives. Color has a way of influencing our emotions and building connections when used effectively, whether it's your favorite combination of paints and other mediums or the website you check every day.
Our team has produced one of the most original and cutting-edge projects on any chain, much less on multi-chains, thanks to our years of experience in the web3 industry and immense design background. We have developed a unique approach and disruptive dynamic to take this technology and move it past flipping PFPs for small incremental profit. We want impact, not a temporary bag.
Working Roadmap
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