Phase Two

The community is the first step toward Phase two's launch. We are all involved in this project, but to reach our goal of getting to Phase Two, we will need to collaborate and receive a lot of support from inside and outside the community. We are not looking for financial support, rather our intention is to make this a community controlled organization, with the establishment of a DAO , creating our own token, and working with out platforms in the ecosystem to gain the necessary connections to push through to the next phase.
Working Road Map
Phase Two will require all of us to work together towards a common purpose. We are striving to have implemented and running by 1Q22
  • The Creation of the Hex Gorilla DAO. (If anyone ever wonders, I am not attached to this name)
  • Either partnering with, or establishing our own staking platform where users can bond and stake UST to their HG , which will generate our token or even, if decided on by the DAO, another token from a partnering source.
  • At this point in the project Gorilla Nixon will not longer be the owner of Hex Gorilla. This means that whatever the DAO decides will be by census. It is incredibly important to appoint an official advisory board separate from HG. Ideally someone outside the crypto sphere, but with advisory and/or arbitration qualifications. An impartial oversight for transparency and fairness
  • All funds generated by DAO staking or NFT bonding will be evenly distributed amongst the participators. This excludes any pools, farms, or additional yield mechanisms that to not directly correlate with the DAO.
Phase Two Working Model
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