The New Moon

Alpha Collection

Our ecosystem's demise has created a unique problem within the Terra community. How are we going to rebuild? Who will come to our aid? What is the community's overall direction? While we do not have all of the answers, we have learned that many people have decided to switch to another chain to meet their community's immediate needs.
Source: Alpha
Hex Gorilla has always been and will continue to be a community-driven project. Our artist is Gorilla Nixon, but we have members from all over the world. As diverse as the project itself, the community has taken the stance that capitulating quickly and moving on isn't always the best path. In Terra, we've built relationships with developers, platforms, and community influencers, and we don't want to abandon those relationships just because the landscape has changed. That being said, with the depegging of UST, any and all capital set to go into the development of this project was lost, and if we want to create a project with scalability and expansion in mind, we have to start from scratch. To that end, we introduce the Alpha Collection.

Alpha Dynamics

With Alpha, we took what we learned from Genesis and significantly raised the bar. We added Team Affiliation to our mission after the success of Genesis and the adoption of our community-designed reward metrics. We have set the stage for yet another new and ambitious dynamic in our universe with the introduction of Team Azure, Team Verdant, and Team Crimson. Each Hex Gorilla Alpha card will have a team affiliation banner based on RGB metadata that matches to their respective HG. This will enable the distinct addition of PVP and other traits to our future "Creation Lab" and Hex Gorilla Universe.
As part of our Genesis Airdrop, we had our famous Duck Race to decide the Lucky 6 who would not only benefit from a rewards bonus, but were named Captains of their Teams.
Team Verdant Captain
Team Crimson Captain
Team Azure Captain