Be a part of Hex Pixel

We are searching for members of the community who can provide new ideas and perspectives on the game, as well as individuals with technical skills who can assist us in developing and improving our capabilities. We want to hear from you if you're a game creator, a blockchain developer, or just someone who enjoys playing games and wants to help.
One of the key aspects of Hex Pixel is the marketplace, where players will be able to trade and purchase items using our in-game currency, "Pixel". We are looking for community members who can help us create a fair and well-functioning marketplace system, as well as those who can help us develop the DAO and governance council that will oversee it.
We are also searching for community members who can help us design and build the different locales and adventures that will be included in the game, as well as individuals who can help us establish and implement the PVP system.
We want to produce a game that is fun, fair, and inclusive for everyone, and we believe that we can do it with the help and participation of our community. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in helping to develop Hex Pixel. We are excited to collaborate with you!
Email us at: [email protected]
Last modified 3mo ago