Get Involved

Join the development of Hex Pixel
Creating a game that truly resonates with the community is no small feat. It takes dedication, passion, and most importantly, the input and involvement of the very people who will be playing the game. At Hex Pixel, we believe in the power of community-led development and that's why we're reaching out to you, the players, to help shape the future of our game.
We've already laid the groundwork for what we hope will be a fascinating and one-of-a-kind gaming experience. We're convinced that we have something great on our hands, from our class system to our breeding system to our adventures and missions. But we also understand that there is always opportunity for improvement, which is where you come in.
We're looking for new ideas, for fresh perspectives, for the expertise and skills of the community to help us take Hex Pixel to the next level. Whether you're a developer, an artist, a designer, or just someone with a passion for gaming, we want to hear from you.
By participating in the development of Hex Pixel, you'll not only be helping to shape the game but you'll also have the opportunity to earn in-game currency, Pixel, through a variety of activities and contributions.
We understand that big developers have taken advantage of the community in the past, but we want to be transparent and clear that our intention is to build a game that is truly community-led, where players have a real say in the game's direction, and where the community benefits just as much as the developers.
So come along with us as we create something genuinely unique. Let's make Hex Pixel a game we can all be proud of. We can accomplish this together.