Character Stats

Our character stats system, which has been meticulously created to guarantee a fair and balanced gameplay experience for all players, is a fundamental aspect of our game.
Our character stats system is built on a formula that takes various aspects into consideration, such as player level, equipment, and skill points. The algorithm is intended to ensure that players' characters get stronger and more powerful as they continue through the game.
Player level is an important component of our approach. Players will acquire experience points and level up as they accomplish objectives and beat opponents. As they level up, their characters become stronger, allowing them to wear better gear and perform more powerful abilities.
Equipment is another critical component of our approach. As they go through the game, players will be able to obtain additional weapons and armor, which will boost their character's stats. These benefits will be included in the overall calculation, ensuring that players always know how much stronger their characters are becoming.
Finally, in our formula, skill points are included. Players will be able to devote skill points to different abilities as they level up, providing extra boosts to their character's attributes.
All of these variables are used to establish a player's total character stats, which are presented in-game. This approach ensures a fair and balanced game experience in which players can see the direct influence of their decisions and progress on the strength and power of their character.
Furthermore, our character stats system is connected with our NFTs, giving gamers complete control over their characters. This implies that players may transfer their characters across games and even sell or trade them on the open market.
Our character stats system, together with our other features, we hope, will give gamers with a really unique and exciting gaming experience. We hope you had as much fun playing Hex Pixel as we did making it.