Gameplay Overview

Importance of Color in Hex Pixel Character Creation

Hex Pixel is still about color

Everything in the Hex Gorilla Universe revolves on color, and Hex Pixel will be a fantastic new addition to that premise. You may recall seeing something resembling this prototype floating around:
You can find this on
Color is important to the gameplay and overall design of Hex Pixel. Each character has a distinct color palette that is dictated by both heredity and the player's decisions. These colors influence not just the look of the character but also their powers and traits.
Hex Pixel's color scheme is based on a blend of RGB and HSL values. RGB, or Red, Green, and Blue, are the fundamental colors used in digital displays, and they are used to generate a broad spectrum of colors by combining varied intensities of each primary hue. HSL, or hue, saturation, and lightness, is a color model that describes colors by their main wavelength, saturation, and brightness.
We employ a genetic algorithm to generate the RGB and HSL values of each character based on their parents' genetic information. This allows for a vast variety of color combinations and assures that each character is genuinely one-of-a-kind.
Players may also change the hue of their characters through different in-game events and decisions. This enables gamers to further personalize their avatars and exhibit their unique personalities.
Color, in addition to character customization, plays an important role in the game's battle system. Each character has a set of powers and attacks that correspond to a different hue. Depending on the color of the character and their opponent, certain powers and attacks might be strengthened or decreased. This adds an additional element of strategy to the game and allows players to experiment with various color combinations to find the greatest match-ups.
Hex Pixel's color scheme is an essential aspect of the game, adding richness and variation to the player's experience. Whether you're a casual player or a serious contender, the color scheme allows for unlimited personalization and strategy.