Reward Mechanics
Working Reward Mechanics model
The extra privileges⁡ and rewards will be determined as the project unfolds, but will be directly impacted by the holders' engagement in the process, engagement with the group, and sharing a common vision with our family. We hope that this is building to a much larger community, but the Genesis Generation will always be what we consider the core of our community. With the launch of Phase 2, the Genesis Generation will receive:
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    A 1v1 of the same NFT they minted. This one with enhanced abilities⁢, be upgraded to the next highest rarity level if not maxed, and a Genesis Generation badge indicating that you were and are our founding members entitled to all the respect and admiration that position deserves.
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    In addition to the Genesis 100 benefits, we want to highlight and thank the Genesis 10, who were the first to have faith and engage within the community. We would hope that they felt the philosophy that were were subscribing to, and want to be a part of the team in an ongoing and hands on role. As always there is never any obligation, we just want to thank you for your support and belief in our project.
All of this being said, we are not interested in separating people from a reward system or participation based on the fact that they weren't the first to the mint. We want and need any and all of the community to take a role in its claim. At some point, it will not be me and my team dictating the future of this community, it will be you. It will be us.
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