Amended 5/11
Azure Team Captain

What are captains and why did I receive one?

Thinking towards the future, and what phase two will bring us in terms of interaction, earning, and eventually creation; we will need leaders. Introducing Captains! The "Lucky 6" pulled yesterday of the duck race, were rewarded with a special "Captains" card in conjunction with our ongoing collaboration pack. These were minted in the collaboration collection due to the fact that we see our captains as collaborators in this community with us. These can be traded if you wanted to, but in addition to the benefits our reward mechanics have already laid out, "Captains" will be given special responsibilities and privileges that outrank the others within their class. This will be outlined in our updated roadmap, to be posted soon.
Crimson Team Captain
There are six captains issued at the time of this posting. (2) red, (2) green, and (2) blue. RGB. We had an unintentional mistake in the "Lucky 6" reward ceremony where one individual had two entries in the race, when they should have had only one. They have been notified and the alternate has been awarded with the 6th Captain card minted. These will be very important in the future, but coincide with another major announcement that will follow this one.
Verdant Team Captain
This was supposed to be a "surprise," but the apocalypse happened, and I was unable to update in time because I was crying in the corner, feeling sorry for all of us. I've been in crypto for a long time and have seen many ups and downs, but this is the first time I've seen something like this. I didn't have the same investment in Terra as some of you, so my loss was minor, but your pain is my pain. I'm still optimistic about the situation, and I've grown to appreciate the community we've built. We'll push through it like any other adversity we've faced before. This starts with our Alpha Collection.