Phase One
Genesis - Where we get to know each other
We'll talk about our project and give you a lot of technical "blah blah," but we both know you're here for one reason: to get into a project that has the potential to generate revenue. It's perfectly normal to feel this way. I, too, was wondering, "Are they going to do everything they say they will?" Yes, you are correct, skeptic investor. The only thing we cannot promise is that this will be an exhaustive overview of what we have in store for our community. To be honest, we already know there's more to this community than we could have imagined. Honestly, we know there's more here than we even thought of. That's what we are offering you. It's not just an investment, but an opportunity to be on the ground floor of something amazing. So let's say hello, and let's start with the show.

The Goods

Hex Gorilla® (HG) is:
  • A cw721 non-fungible token; built with scalability in mind
  • 100 will be minted in our Genesis Launch, whitelisted only 5 per wallet
  • The Genesis Generation, will be rewarded 1 for 1, when Phase Two launches
  • In addition to other benefits, the Genesis Generation¹ will have alpha access to the "Creation lab"² once completed.
Working Reward Model


There were many places we could have partnered with to ensure our vision, but after reviewing the platform's priorities, the Talis Protocol was the only one that shared our vision for the future. Others wanted us to set the price of $UST at triple or quadruple what it will be on May 2. Talis' team was the only one who, like us, wanted to sustain a community, work toward a goal, and not pass up an opportunity to create something amazing.
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