Our leadership is determinable in its degrees and responsibilities.
While many other projects, especially in the web3 and NFT spaces, have active members throughout their community, what makes Hex Gorilla different is that we are actively trying to give away ownership. We envision a platform that supports artists and developers to strive for greatness not only for themselves and their own ideas and projects, but as a community. The greater our organization grows in influence, the more benefits we can extend to new and innovative projects brought to the community. We encourage anyone interested in more involvement and aligned with our ethos to engage with the community and let us help you bring your idea or project to light! Gorillas are stronger together!

Community Roles

Within our amazing community, we have several roles that have very specific criteria to obtain and come with additional benefits and responsibilities that affect the path we choose and follow. The biggest overall factor that determines your community role is engagement. No one is ever forced to do, say, or commit to anything, but many of our organizations give more than they take. Ideally, we would want everyone to understand what it is that we are trying to do and what we really want to achieve with Hex Gorilla Universe, but as with any project, some can give more than others. While we wish we could influence their decision to not be more involved, we are inclusive of all. Even those who never speak, never mint any of our collections, and never engage in any way.
  • GIMP (MOD) - This is probably one that doesn't need much of an explanation. They keep things in order and keep things civil. Our community doesn't have any drama, so our moderators just hang out and answer questions and engage with the community.
  • The Gorilla League - This role, or a better way of describing it, this committee is made up of the most engaged within our community. They have minted, or received, our Generation collection, hold a Gorilla Haus, and have a leadership token from our Season One collection. That means that they hold a Captain, Lieutenant, or General card. They can also possess a Peace Keeper. They are also fully vested members of our DAO and participate by staking and voting on each proposal that is presented.
  • Member - This is similar to the Leadership Council role, but the particular member was unable to obtain a Genesis collection mint.
  • Gorilla - This is reserved for anyone that has engaged with our community but has yet to verify or mint any of our communities collections.
  • COO - This is our Chief Operating Officers and the main leadership of the project. To say it another way, The group that is actually doing something.
  • Artist - There can be only one.