Community-driven DAOs have the benefit of making it simple for communities all around the world to interact and collaborate to create a thriving future. With an internet connection and governance tokens, almost anybody can help shape the future of Web3, and the community they are a member of. That's why, since the beginning it has always been our mission to create and sustain a functional governance system for our community. With HEXU, we have already been able to as a community gain consensus from our members towards how we are doing, where we are going, and how we can grow the community to be more diverse
The only criteria we have to be a member of our community DAO is that you must be a part of our Discord and have minted at least one of our Hex Gorillas. Currently, we are still airdropping HEXU governance tokens to new members that have recently joined and have engaged within the community. We expect that with our Alpha collection dropping on and Talis Protocol on July 30th, we will have increased membership as well.
One of the core principles we have with HG Universe is the growth and enrichment of our community. To establish that foundation and create our community treasury, starting with the release of our Alpha collection, we will be funding our DAO with 15% of all minted sales, as well as 3% of all secondary royalties.
The ongoing mission we hope to establish and grow is a platform that allows us to support the talented individuals we have in our community and the projects they want to create. We believe that it's more important to uplift others than to just oversee a community based on crypto or NFTs. Real, amazing things are happening, and the future is extremely bright!