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Our purpose has always been to create a sustainable community that encourages creative innovation and collaboration, and we have made a point to instill that passion in our Hex Gorilla Universe. The most important thing we have found to come out of having two highly successful mints is the community that we have gained. We are doing things differently, and even though we understand that many are only in the crypto space to generate wealth, the biggest lesson we have learned is that true wealth is in the relationships and connections you form with people who have a similar passion for community and personal connection.

Our Mission

To build and cultivate a web3 multichain platform where creators and innovators can collaborate in a trustless environment that makes their ideas happen.

Hex Gorilla Universe 'Alpha' Collection

Although our Genesis mint was a great success on the Terra blockchain, we have now decided it's time to utilize the momentum we created, and dive deep into the Cosmos Ecosystem. After months of preparation and countless sleepless nights, we will finally be launching our most anticipated collection, "Alpha." On July 31th, we will be minting on both Talis Protocol and Hopers.io. We have always been fascinated by the IBC and its capabilities, and with these two amazing platforms, our collection will be minted on the Juno Network.
#26604F - Evening Sea
#00C4B0 - Amazonite
#9D9DCD - Petom Purple
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Hex Gorilla Universe 'Alpha' Collection